We believe you should be in charge!

Self-Manage Your Cards

A White-label platform

A Digital Business Card maker

A Digital Hub

A Mobile platform to brodcast promotions, deals, specials, educational information.

CRM connections

Combined Google Analytics & Google Ad Sense= direct delivery of ads to the hyper targeted audience


Increase Brand Awareness

Capture, analyze and link data to your CRM

Track usage


Use Google Analytics and Ad-sense to serve users


Serve ads to the hyper-targeted users


Intuitive admin/user dashboards

Platform custom coded for your needs

Increase client retention

Increase ROI


Self-Managed Your Cards


  • Proprietary white-labeled platform 
  • Custom designs and functionality
  • Intuitive portal admin/user dashboards
  • Platform custom coded for your needs
  • Increase brand-awareness
  • Track users
  • Capture, analyze and link data to your CRM
  • Share personalized digital card across all technologies, including NFC
  • Increase ROI
  • Effortless flexibility and control, while reducing your carbon footprint
  • Low switching costs
  • No Download required



Why Do I Want A  Private Platform?

Ultimate branding control, flexibility and low switching costs

Going digital can realize tremendous ROI and simplicity:

Your private Nuvo platform leverages your brand identify and communications across all of your digital assets. Efficiencies can eliminate the need for printed cards completely.

Nuvo’s platform empowers your employees to select pre-approved designs, with the ability to update cards on-the-go from any device, anytime.

Nuvo’s platform is designed, built and budgeted to your business requirements.

Our Design & Development Process

From start to finish, our goal is to deliver you a private platform loaded with your approved designs supported by administrative access and control.

Strategy & Roadmap.

Collaboratively, we work together to evaluate your companies needs and goals to create a design roadmap to effectively showcase your brand.

Visual & UX Design

Nuvo’s team will present several different card designs and functionalities for your review and refinement.


Approved card designs will progress into the coding and development stage, seamlessly interfacing to your server and designated URL

Launch & Monitor

Approved designs will be uploaded to Nuvo’s platform allowing your team’s quick and intuitive personalization of their cards. Nuvo will monitor your server efficiencies 24/7.

Some Of The Industries We Build For


Service companies

Employment agencies

private groups

financial services

membership clubs

Fitness facilities

Real Estate

automotive industry

sports organizations

law firms

merchant services

We are a proud group of designers and developers

We’ve built Nuvo for brands that want to stand out and communicate more dynamically.

Supporting companies with the most sophisticated technologies to help drive their uniqueness and branded impressions forward.

Nuvo is designed for forward thinking industry leaders.

Transform our commitment to your branding differential today!

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