After we have your data and design resources.
Our designers start working on a unique design that incorporates elements of your branding.

Submit for review

When we have a unique card that satisfies our standards, we’ll send it to you for approval or feedback.

Refine on comments

If they are modifications that you have asked for, we will analyze them and let you know about any challenges or restrictions on the design’s scope.
The adjustments will be made by our designers.

Finish & deliver

The final stage is testing the finished appearance and functionality before sending you your Nue Card to use.

We are eager to begin and complete this task.

Nue Card Design

The first thing we do after receiving your purchase is design a card that meets and surpasses both your and our expectations.

It is essential that we create your Nue Card in strict accordance with your branding.

Card Design

Whether it is a personal or business card, your Nue Card design is individualized to be an extension of your brand.

Branding & Logo

In order for us to begin the design process with you and your brand in mind, we ask that you send us the URL of your website, your logo, and your most recent business card (if applicable).

Content Strategy

We can add pages to fit your material if it consists of conveying a clear message or facts about you.

Nue Card Development

Our development team will turn the initial design into functionality after receiving your final feedback and the design, allowing us to give our customers a fully working Nue Card.


Built From Scratch

We cherish the branding of people and businesses and work to deliver it through unique designs because our company’s founding mission is that no one fits into a box.

Integrating current functionalities

The Nue Cards now have a wide range of possibilities, from custom forms to business card scanning and NFC. We can connect your own forms to the action buttons on your Nue Card or integrate our custom forms with your CRM.

Maintenance & Updates

In the future, as part of our maintenance and upgrades, Nue Cards will continue to add or provide alternatives to improve the user experience for you and your clients. Nue Cards is constantly working to adopt the most recent applicable technology and design methods.

Featured Work

Nue Card Design

Luxury Auto Executive Card

One of our very first customers, who understood the potential of Nue Cards, was someone who wanted to stand out from the crowd.
Over the past few years, we have experimented with new design ideas and added technology as it became available.
Our dedication to bringing clients along for the ride as we expand is demonstrated by the upgrades to the card’s look and functionality.

Live Card

Nue Card Design

Medical Card Design (


Despite the fact that the vast majority of our Nue Cardholders live in North America, we have noticed an increase in interest from foreign customers in recent months.

The practice is in Italy, so we added Italian and Russian to the card. We are currently distributing cards in multiple languages.

We recognize that this improves the user experience and delivers a customized package as we planned, thus it is crucial to clarify that our second or third cards are actual new cards incorporated into the platform and not merely browser translations of the original cards.

Live Card

nue card design

Realtor Card Design

The ability to have a distinct brand within the parent company’s brand is something that only realtors have.

They are people that rely largely on recommendations and exposure in their industry.

Users not only connect with their realtor but can also simply share and search the properties through the realtor’s portal from their Nue Card. Nue Cards can and have produced those precise desired results for our numerous clients in this market sector.

One of the mainstays of real estate is the realtor’s desire to advance in their career and/or associate their skills with other businesses in the sector. Here, we can update their information and branding to the new company, allowing them to maintain contact with their past clients without having to notify each one individually.

Live card

The more you use it, the more you get out of it. TM

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