Once we receive your information and design assets.
Our designers go to work on a custom design that also connects to your branding.

Submit for review

Upon arriving at a custom designed card that meets our standards, we will submit it for your approval or comments.

Refine on comments

If they are refinements that you have requested we will review and communicate any difficulties or design scope limitations.
Our designers will implement the changes.

Finish & deliver

This is the last step, we will test the final design and functionality, and then send you, your Nue Card to use.

We cannot wait to get started and get to this point.

Nue Card Design

First step after your order is to design a card that both meets and exceeds your expections and ours.

It is imperative that we design your Nue Card close to your branding.

Card Design
Your Nue Card design is customized to be an extension of your brand be it either a company or personal card.
Branding & Logo
As a large part of design process we ask that you provide us your website URL, Logo, current business card (where they are available), so we can start our design with you and your brand in focus.
Content Strategy
If your content consists of delivering a clear message or information about your self, we can add pages to accommodate your provided content.

Nue Card Development

After intial design and your final comments, our development team will implement the design into functionality so we can deliver the fully funtionining Nue Card to our clients.

Built From Scratch
Our founding mission is that no one fits into a box, we value individuals and companies’ branding and strive to deliver it via custom designs.
Integrating current functionalities
From custom forms to business card captures and NFC we have added numerous capabilities to the Nue Cards, we have the capacity to integrate our custom forms with your CRM or simply connect your own forms to the action buttons on your Nue Card.
Maintenance & Updates
Nue Cards is always striving to implement the latest relevant technology and design processes and as a part of our maintenance & updates we will continue to add or offer options in the future to enhance you and your clients’ user experience.

Featured Work

Nue Card Design

Luxury Auto Executive Card

One of our earliest clients who shared our vision what Nue Cards can become especially flourishing among those that want to stand out against the competition.
We have gone thru new design concepts and added technology as they became available throughout the past several years.
This card design and functionality improvements are a testament to our commitment to bring clients along during our growth.

Live Card

Nue Card Design

Medical Card Design (


Even though the vast majority of our Nue Cardholders reside in North America, in the past year we have received interest from international clients.

we are currently are delivering cards in multiple languages, this practice is located in Italy so we added Italian and Russian additions to the card.

It is important to note that our second or third cards are not just browser translation of the cards but they are actually additional cards built into the platform, we know this enhances the user experience and delivers a custom package the way we intended.

Live Card

nue card design

Realtor Card Design

Realtors are uniquely qualified to have their own branding within the parent company’s brand.

They are individuals that rely heavily on referrals and exposure in their marketplace. 

Nue Cards can and have delivered those exact desired results for our vast clients in this market segment, users not only interact with their realtor but can easily share and search the properties through the realtor’s portal from their Nue Card.

One of the mainstays of the real estate is the realtor’s desire to move up and/or associate their skills with other firms in the industry and this where we can update their info and branding to the new company and this will enable them to stay connected with the previous clients without alerting each client.

Live card

The more you use it, the more you get out of it. TM

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