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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you always charge me the design fee?

No, the design price is a one-time cost. If, however, you decide to change the design after the initial design, we will provide you with a quote for a fair re-design fee. Please know that the majority of our clientele do not desire a change. Unless, of course, they switch industries or employers.

The annual cost of hosting and maintenance is only $120.

Do I need to use my image or logo?

No, we create Nue Cards from the ground up to meet your demands. You inform us of your intended usage for your Nue Card, and we will make accommodations.

Is there a minimum commitment?

Yes, the minimum for non-enterprise plans is 1 year, paid up-front.

What payment methods you accept?

You can pay by credit card (Visa, Mastercard & American Express).  We use Stripe for our payment processing.

Do you provide a physical card with NFC capability?

Yes, you will recieve a Free NFC coded card to carry for touch-less situations.

What if I want to use a different image later on my card?

You can certainly request a change and we will be happy to accomodate for a nominal design fee.

Can I put a Facebook or Google pixel on my card?

We will install them on your card gladly, yes.

You can incorporate it with your Google Analytics account, and it is a wise choice.

How long have Nue Cards been in existence?

Since we first began producing digital cards in 2017, we’ve worked to improve the aesthetics and functions.

Why haven’t I seen any Nue Cards advertisements before?

We are a bespoke company trying to offer a custom product for discriminating taste, and 85% of our new customers come from recommendations from current card users.

There is word that we prefer to thank our present clientele for referring new business.

Do you have cards available in other languages since I don’t live in an English-speaking nation?

There is an additional fee for each language, although we do provide and have created cards with numerous languages on one.

Cards are currently available in Norwegian, Italian, Spanish, and Russian.

Can anyone add my Nue Card to their contacts?

Naturally, we upload your vCard to your Nue Card so that it may be easily distributed to the contacts on phones or desktops with a single tap.

How do I distribute my Nue Card?

You can share it via text, email, NFC, QR Code, Air Drop, Social Media channels, email signature, and so on.

We have pre-populated your message, so all you need to do is provide your contact information.