Why Nue Cards?

For those who use business cards frequently, Nue Cards are ideal.

Lawyers, merchant service representatives, car salespeople, mortgage brokers, retail salespeople, insurance salespeople, accountants, stockbrokers, cleaners, network marketers, real estate experts, etc.

% of business cards thrown away in the first 48 hours.

of companies admit that COVID-19 increased the budget for digital transformation.

Number of business cards printed in the U.S. annually


We can provide pricing that is consistent with your cost of paper business cards.

Cards for individuals and businesses


We offer aggressive plans for both small and large businesses.

Digital cards are an option without sacrificing the unique style.

NFC & QR Code

The market is anticipated to expand rapidly now that iPhone has finally added the NFC function.

One of the first companies to offer NFC is Nue Cards.

Small Business

The Nue Cards are best suited for small enterprises.

Use the power of digital to replace paper and offer a touchless environment by using NFC.

We create unique designs.

There are companies that defy convention and position themselves as leaders in their fields. The Nue Cards is one of these companies.

If you want a digital business card that truly captures who you are and makes you stand out from the competition? The card you’ve been looking for is Nue Card.

Users Remain Focused On What’s Important With Your Curated Content.

Both the placement of the content and its usability are crucial.
Users like carefully chosen information and buttons that are easy to press; the less steps required to connect, the more sticky your card will be.
Although a digital card can have several buttons and pieces of material, users on digital devices prefer simplicity and quick access.
We at Nue Cards have determined which of the two works best together to provide the desired outcome.
Here, you can look into a few of the features we use. here.






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Our Clients

“I don’t like carrying business cards and alternatives were not attractive, as soon as  I saw Nue Cards, I knew I had found my new card.”

Priscilla B.

“I sent Nue Cards my business card, logo, link to my website, and the image I wanted to use. A couple of days later I was looking at my amazing Nue Card. Well Done.”

Alex M.

I’ll keep it brief… Nue Cards has a great design team that worked fast and did a great job.  Jeff was a pleasure to work with and I’ve been recommending to lots of business owners that I know, to let Nue Cards make their mobile card.  Just check out their work and you’ll be convinced, too, like I was.

Tom T.

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